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A podcast dedicated to those living life, with purpose, power, and courage. Join us each week as we interview men and women across the country living incredible lives and telling incredible stories

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If you're looking to make the most of this life, welcome home.

Living Fully Loaded is a weekly podcast hosted by Logan Hanks a life loving farmer, outdoorsman and father. Each week Logan talks with doers, seekers, and pursuers from around the world about what it means to Live their life Fully Loaded.

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Are you "Living Fully Loaded"? 

 We all strive for a life truly lived yet few do it. Why? What separates you from those that do? They're not machines, robots, aliens, or super humans. Life is fleeting, and complacency kills. The doers don't settle. They forge their path. If this sounds like you, we should talk. We are always on the hunt for those who can shares stories of adventure, bravery and lives worth living. Contact the show today to share your story. 

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Logan Hanks

Meet Your host, Logan Hanks...

Logan Hanks is an All-American Father, Husband and multi generation farmer from West Tennessee.

An avid outdoorsman, logan started the Living fully loaded podcast as a way to share his love of hunting and exploring the wilds. Over time the podcast evolved to not only cover the stories of the hunt, but of the extraordinary lives of the hunters and guests Logan would often profile.

Even though Logan lives what some would consider a modest and traditional life, that's never stopped him from pursuing his dreams with a burning fire of ambition and creativity. Yet like many in the modern age he struggled with the notion of settling for a life of complacency.

Living Fully Loaded follows Logan's journey to discover what makes the most accomplished, successful and driven people in our society tick and how people from all walks of life can develop the skills, habits and passions to live their lives fully loaded.

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